Fall Fishing In The South: 4 Keys To Catching BIG Southern Bass

Fall fishing in the south can be challenging but it’s also the time of the year when some of the biggest fish are caught. The first frost has cooled the waters and beckoned baitfish to the shallows. Bass soon follow the forage and a feeding frenzy begins. This same scenario plays out each fall as […]

Bass Fishing – Excited for the new look Elite Series

Bass Fishing – Over the past few weeks the world of professional bass fishing has experienced more change than at any other time during my 11-year career. As a result, the Bassmaster Elite Series field will look different than what you saw in 2018, with many familiar faces gone. They all have their own reasons, […]

Big Bite Baits: Buzz Through Fall Fishing

The Tour Toad new for 2018 Big Bite pro Russ Lane stays on the move searching for opportunistic feeders in the early Fall. Our new Tour Toad is a great option for covering water in search of those Largemouth taking advantage of the shad migration to the shallows. “The new Tour Toad will definitely be […]