Team Martin vs. Team Monsoor Mississippi River Challenge

Part 2 – This Challenge is a hard fought battle on the Mississippi River in La Crosse, WI. This show originally aired on Discovery Channel. Hope you enjoy this one.. Get your Team SMC Shirts and Hats 💥 💥 Thanks for watching and Subscribing to my channel. Mystery Tackle Box is the most fun […]

I found a RARE Ancient Item While Creek Fishing (How Old Is This?)

went back to the roots and checked out an urban Dallas creek FULL of some sauced up gills and some interested finds from the past –Young Plugg What I film with… Drone — Camera — Lens — GoPro — BIG SHINY Camera — BIG SHINY Lens — My Other […]

Super Shallow Fishing… Epic Day!

SimpliSafe is home security that is contract-free, easy-to-use, and customizable. Check out SimpliSafe here – The water gets shallow and we get out to catch some GIANT BASS! We take Brandon’s boat out for a epic day of BIG FISH. The 1542 Boat – Get your Team SMC Shirts and Hats 💥 […]

I Challenge Jimmy Houston and Pops (aka Roland Martin)

I compete in a unique fishing, shooting and archery tournament in Minnesota against some of the greats. I want to beat Jimmy Houston and Roland Martin (aka Pops)…this is the first time I have ever fished in a tournament like this. Special thanks to my teammates Anthony Testa and Chuck Munson…you guys did great! Also […]

Fishing with THESE…I am SO CONFUSED!

First time I have ever tried fishing like this and I need to learn how to catch these bigger fish if I want to win this Tournament. It’s all about the inches! Maybe you can give me some advice? I am fishing against the legends – Jimmy Houston, Roland Martin, Capra’s and other local studs…This […]